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Customized Driftwood

To customize your ring you need to take some considerations. I provide you with a few rough guidelines so you can be a part of the process and together we will create an unique piece of jewellery. You have to take in consideration that it is all handmade and the driftwood imprint is handpressed. Therefore, it can be that the final result variates slightly.


First you choose the Style

Choose between Twister, Inferno or Wrapp. (clockwise)


The Twister shows the contrast between the shinning surface in the wrapp and the lines of the driftwood texture.

Simple and delicate ring variates slightly in width and texture, fits most sizes.

With this one of a kind ring you an choose the surface finish between Silver, Oxidized or Gold plated Sterling Silver or 14 and 18kt Gold.

Silver Twister is 1700Kr/228€/257US$

Estimative price in 18kt Gold for a size 52 is 5.500kr/737€/831US$


The Inferno is a playful maximalist extravagant ring. When choosing this ring you need to consider the material and how big and airy you want it. It can be made in Silver, Oxidized and Gold plated Sterling Silver and 14 and 18kt Gold.

Silver Inferno is 4300kr/ 578€ /650US$

Gold plated is 4800Kr/644€/726US$

18kt Gold estimated price (pictured ring) size 59 is 20.000Kr/2.680€/3.025 US$


The Classic Driftwood Wrapp has its own possibilities. Following the pictures bellow to see all options.

You can choose between Silver, Oxidized or Gold plated Sterling Silver and 14 or 18kt Gold.

Silver price is 2000Kr/268€/303US$

18kt Gold estimated medium size 52 is 9580Kr/1284€/1.449US$


Choose between a medium width (left ring) or a wide width (right ring)

They have the same price and the large version is fitted in the back.


You can choose between vertical driftwood imprint (left ring) or horizontal driftwood imprint (right ring)


 To start the process, please send and email to hello@louisebillgren.com

It is not as complicated as you might think, I will start by sending you a picture of the wax models made after your specifications and we take it from there.