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About My Jewellery

All my products are handmade and of the highest possible quality. I have taken  time to find the best professionals in each area of expertise. All sourcing, casting and gold plating are made by local businesses with great experience and high quality standards. You can be assured that the final product has passed a strict quality control.

There has been a long design process development during which I have had many different considerations about how each piece should look and feel. My jewellery is the result of a long discovery and study of how to control the form as well as me being captivated by textures and the natural flow of the work in process.

 As with all jewellery, there are some considerations to take in product care to ensure that the surface remains in perfect condition for the longest time possible.

Jewellery is meant to be used and enjoyed, but I want you to be aware of the fact  that due to normal wear some of the finishing look will fade or disappear over time. The surface treatments and processes are not permanen

All silver pieces with a pearly white finish will fade into a normal silver look over time. They can be made matte white again if you wish so.

All oxidized silver pieces will also fade and change with natural wear. It varies from what kind of jewellery it is and how you take care of it. It can also be oxidized again and regain the black colour finish.

The gold plating will also fade and disappear with constant wear but it can easily be re- plated. You can send the items to me if you desire exactly the same plating or you can go to your local goldsmith or jewellery store to have it done. I must notify that the gold plating I use takes time and it can be costly. All gold plating in my jewellery is of the highest quality; therefore it will retain its beautiful colour for a longer time than most jewellery tends to.

In order to preserve the surface finish of your jewellery I advise that you:

  • Always protect jewellery from knocks, scratching, chemicals, perfumes and body lotions and extreme heat or cold.
  • Store your jewellery in the box provided when not in use.
  • Avoid wearing when cleaning, bathing and gardening or performing sports activities.